Friday, November 7, 2008

Out With A Bang!

My last weekend in Bangalore was the celebration of Diwali (pronounced “deevolly”), meaning the “festival of lights”—an annual holiday celebration throughout India. Much like Christmas, the tradition of Diwali is to give gifts, hang colorful lights, and light off fireworks and firecrackers… okay, so maybe it’s more like Christmas meets the 4th of July! Everyone in India knows that Diwali is a celebration of food, fun, and friendships, and my last Diwali weekend in India was no exception.

Between the two team dinner parties (one at Sonal’s and one at Aparna’s), dinner with the expats at GianCarlo’s, and my final “Indian Dinner” with Raghu and his possee, I had plenty of opportunities to join in the festivities of the season and celebrate my last week of living in Bangalore, India. And what a year it has been!!

At Sonal’s and Aparna’s I had the opportunity to connect with my team members from work for the last time; dinner with the expats was another to say goodbyes; and hanging with Raghu and the boys was a great way to bring my Indian experience full circle. We lit fireworks (known as “bursting crackers”) and ate at Ruchi, my favorite India restaurant. I ordered my usuals: Garlic Naan, butter masala, veg miriani, and, of course, jamoon with vanilla ice cream for dessert. MMMMMM!! Plus at the restaurant we had front row seats to the fireworks and firecrackers displays out of the streets. It was loud and crazy! Just the way I like it :o)

As I was fortunate enough to enter India last year during Diwali, I felt it appropriate that I also left the same way—truly going “out with a bang!”

More about my final departure next week.



Boston123 said...


I am glad you had a enjoyable year in India, and appear to be leaving on a positive note.
I am curious, how this experience will change how you interact with visitors/tourists to the United States? Especially those that cannot afford to spend their way to a level of comfort where they do not have to deal with the rough and tumble of everyday, while they are in the US ?

Anonymous said...

thank you very much for coming to our class.
it was very interesting to here about your journey to india.

Anonymous said...


You have experienced something special in your life. You are extremely lucky to be traveling around the world. Unlike me I can't even afford to leave the state. I've always wanted to travel to India and experience the different culture. But I will have to wait till I am done in school, meaning after college. I probably won't experience half the stuff you have done today. By the time I get there I could see maybe something different. Another north america type... You have inspired me.

Anonymous said...


I thank you for coming in and talking to us kids at Stillwater Junior High hope you had fun in India.

Abby E said...

Your pictures are really cool. I really like photography, and yours show how India has a big difference in culture than we do here in Minnesota. I think it would be hard to get used to the food there, but you seem like it wasn't that hard. I wouldn't mind going to India myself, to experience their culture, and learn more. Thank you for coming and speaking to our class!!

-Abby E, Hr.1